ФОТО: Имаше големи гради и ги смали со вежбање – реакциите се поделени!

Unboxing: Што е ново во студиото на BMG Network!? ↓↓↓

Канаѓанката Мел Чек е позната фитнес инструкторка, а нејзината трансформација ги шокираше корисниците на социјалните мрежи ширум светот. Имено, Мел со напорно вежбање ги намали своите големи гради на Б големина и вели дека е презадоволна од резултатот.

„Градите ми беа преголеми и ми пречеа. Ништо од облеката не ми стоеше. Прво сакав да ги намалам со хируршка интервенција, но на крајот се решив да вежбам додека не исчезнат“, вели Мел.

One of my besties sent me the photo of me on the left yesterday randomly, maybe to remind me how massive my ? were and how I have nothing left ?? In all seriousness though, this was 7 years ago and I hated them. Couldnt fit into any clothing I wanted, was super uncomfortable about them, probably took up 90% (not accurate but felt like it) of my entire bodyweight and made running, jumping, literally any movement uncomfortable. I was on a waitlist to have #breastreductionsurgery on top of dealing with all my #rheumatoidarthritis issues, and I was still dealing with coming out about my sexuality. Not a fun time in my life! . Fast forward to a few months later that same year to when I bought a gym membership. Had no idea what I was doing but found myself a personal trainer and got started. Eventually ventured off on my own and started working out and learning more. Consistency picked up and healthier eating choices became a priority. . Fast foward to the present and I have completely avoided reduction surgery, my arthritis is in remission and I am in the best shape of my life. . Results dont happen overnight. This is 7 years work in the making. Staying positive, respect your body and eat to nurish! This should be everyone's priority. Avoiding surgery was the best thing that ever unintentionally happened to me because it taught me health and nutrition and helped my #RA go into remission. If you are considering surgery, please please try exercise and diet, first. Boobs are bodyfat, plain and simple. ✌

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Иако нејзините бројни фанови се воодушевени од упорноста и волјата, многумина сметаат дека нејзиното тело изгледало подобро со големи гради и дека го упропастила своето тело со мускулна маса.


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